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What is Riyo?

Riyo is a scalable, online service management platform that automates your business processes from scheduling through to payment, helping you deliver phenomenal customer experiences from start to finish.

Backed by leading cloud solutions provider, JCurve Solutions (ASX:JCS), Riyo is unlocking untapped growth for organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Why Riyo?

Simple, Efficient Job Scheduling

Manual administrative work is both time and resource intensive – this can be tough to manage for a small to medium size business looking to grow.

Riyo’s automated job scheduler streamlines the scheduling process. Whether services are booked in advance or on demand, Riyo leverages smart allocation technology to automatically match appropriate resources with the service, providing optimised route plans that help to reduce customer waiting times whilst increasing productivity for the assigned agent.

Seamless Customer Experiences

The Riyo platform brings all stakeholders and services together into a single integrated platform that automatically tracks messages and chat interactions, providing greater visibility and control of the entire service delivery process.

With all interactions managed in real-time and optimised for mobile, the platform enables a seamless user experience for customers from start to finish.

Instant Feedback

Understanding customer feedback and sentiment is critical to any business, large or small. The Riyo platform provides you with instant customer feedback during the job and on job closure, enabling you to measure success or take corrective actions if necessary.

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